AU keynote speaker Yves Behar

Video below covering Yves recent design project coverd in a Fast Company interview.
For those of you whom were at AU 2007 and heard the keynote I am sure you have started to read on this designer and his company. Man I got to get one of those lamps....

-Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Cool 3d printing video

This stuff keeps getting closer......enjoy
Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Dare to compare....

Many designers need to keep track of how one drawing changed between each revision. Now there is an easy way to do it using DWF files. Basically all you need to do is have two DWF files and use the compare command within Autodesk Design Review

Watch this video to learn how....LINK

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Create a Non-ortho Full Section

I had a customer ask me how to do a section view today. The kicker was that it was not an orthographic section view. It was a view looking at the end of a round part with a series of holes in it. They needed a full section through the view center and one of the holes. They were not sure how to do this, and not use a jogged section line.

Well I gave it some thought and came up with the solution and decided to post it here on the CAD Geek Blog.

Check out the video of it here:

One of the INCAT CAD Geeks

Hide your dialogs......In Inventor 2008

Back in Autodesk Inventor R6 we were given the ability to set dialog boxes to "roll-up" in order to more clearly see what your working on while making selections. When Inventor R2008 came out this command was hidden on a right click menu vs, the push pin icon from the past.

Here is a snapshot of the right click menu for this setting....

Check out a video of it in action here....

Understanding version vs. revisions

Within Autodesk Vault we have wonderful version management, but most customers would also like the ability to capture each revisions level. The Vaults bigger brother called Productstream will do that for you. Check out this image to better understand the basics.

Kevin with the INCAT Geeks

Inventor tip "Feature Supression based on parameter values"

Starting in Inventor R11 we were able to do feature suppression based on parameters values. Below is a simple example of using this trick as a quick way to capture a simplified version of a part without creating iparts or derived parts when trying to cut back on complexity.

Step 1 - Create user Parameter called "complex" and assign it "0" as the value
Step 2 - Right Click on any feature where you want this setup and choose "Properties" and then configuration as shown below, using the "complex" parameter created earlier, repeat as needed.

Step 3 - Change the user parameter "complex" to a value of "1", and there you go.

Link to Video

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

Back from AU 2007.....The INCAT CAD Geeks were busy!

So another AU under our belts here at INCAT.....

Some of our CAD Geeks taught the following classes:

  1. MA215-5 "Working with Huge Digital Prototypes: Autodesk® Inventor™ Large-Assembly Best Practices" - by Dan Miles - This class was packed, tons of great content from Dan.
  2. MA405-1 "Implementing Autodesk® Inventor™ in Your Company" - by Dan Miles
  3. MA301-2 "AutoCAD® Electrical Power Tools for Power Users"- by Rob Stein
  4. MA211-1L "All the "Zero Learning Curve" Features of AutoCAD® Mechanical" - by Kevin Robinson - See videos on the right hand side......
  5. MA201-5 "The Power Tools of AutoCAD® Mechanical" - By Kevin Robinson
  6. MA105-5 "Using Autodesk® Inventor™ to Create Tech Pubs on a Shoestring Budget"- By Kevin Robinson

Handouts can be found at AU Online or here at the bottom using the File storage widget.....

Take care

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks