Back from AU 2007.....The INCAT CAD Geeks were busy!

So another AU under our belts here at INCAT.....

Some of our CAD Geeks taught the following classes:

  1. MA215-5 "Working with Huge Digital Prototypes: Autodesk® Inventor™ Large-Assembly Best Practices" - by Dan Miles - This class was packed, tons of great content from Dan.
  2. MA405-1 "Implementing Autodesk® Inventor™ in Your Company" - by Dan Miles
  3. MA301-2 "AutoCAD® Electrical Power Tools for Power Users"- by Rob Stein
  4. MA211-1L "All the "Zero Learning Curve" Features of AutoCAD® Mechanical" - by Kevin Robinson - See videos on the right hand side......
  5. MA201-5 "The Power Tools of AutoCAD® Mechanical" - By Kevin Robinson
  6. MA105-5 "Using Autodesk® Inventor™ to Create Tech Pubs on a Shoestring Budget"- By Kevin Robinson

Handouts can be found at AU Online or here at the bottom using the File storage widget.....

Take care

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks