Creating a Sheet Metal Cone

I have been asked many times while onsite how to make a sheet metal cone. I will show you one method to produce a flat pattern for a sheet metal cone.

The first step is to draw my basic sketch in this case I will use the idea that my opening will be 3” at the top and 5” on the bottom. Once completed, I will revolve my sketch around my origin Y axis making sure I am not at a full 360 degrees. The small opening that will be created by not fully revolving the section will allow Inventor to be able to flatten the cone. Remember, a quick short cut to the revolve command will be to select "R" from the keyboard. Once created you will convert your standard .ipt file into a sheet metal file and make sure to change your metal thickness in the sheet metal styles to match your sketch. To create the flat pattern you will need to select the inner or outer face of the cone, and then select the flat pattern command. This is one way to create a sheet metal cone, but there are many others. Have fun with it and find the best way to suit your needs.

Check out my video of how to do this.

Dave Another one of the INCAT CAD Geeks



HI, I'AM PETER. Here's a tip to prevent any annoying dialog box. You can start directly in sheetmetal mode put the right thickness in your sheetmetal style and use the "R" shortcut.


Hi. I tried to make the same cone, but eccentric? Can you make it?


Is it possible to post an example of the eccentric shape your looking for or email an example to me at