Move off MDT already....Inventor is the way to go - Part 1

Year after year I still bump into a few Autodesk Mechanical Desktop Users floating around. So I wanted to create a list of features that I thought really makes the jump well worth considering if your still using MDT. Feel free to add some of your own by posting a few comments.

Assembly Modeling - Part 1:

1. Drive Constraints - This command allows you to take your assembly constraints and show them in motion to better understand how your concept will function.

2. Contact Solver - This tool allows you to have your parts physically stop or move as they bump other components.

3. Flexible Status - The ability to have a sub assembly placed multiple times but function as it does in real life independently of the others.

Also down in the file sharing zone below on this blog I have uploaded a white paper on how to move some of your MDT data sets forward into inventor. Link to PDF.

More to come on this topic...Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks