Move off MDT already....Inventor is the way to go - Part 2

To continue the series here are few more reasons why MDT users need to make the move.

  1. Inventor Graphics - OK when AutoCAD came out it was cool, but 25 years later you need a more up to date way to look at 3d models, and the Inventor Graphics are light years ahead of the MDT/AutoCAD based graphics.

Sample Image -

  1. Inventor Studio - Rendering! not shading:) Inventor has photorealisitic rendering built right in. Once you model a part or assembly you are only about 5 clicks away from a photorealisitic rendering.

Sample Image -

  1. Feature Previews - Within MDT you can only rely on the image within the dialog boxes to try and figure out the impact a feature will have before you add it. Within Inventor you get real time previews on almost every feature type, even lofts!

Sample Image -


Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks