Create your own Inventor Digital Prototyping task list....

Create your own Digital Prototyping task list .... every spring Inventor adds more and more great new features. However each spring that means you have more to learn. Myself and the rest of the INCAT CAD Geeks are constantly looking for way to help you and our customers take their 3D designs further by learning all the new features. So sometime you have to create a targeted list of things to go and learn, so that is what todays post is all about getting started, but not just for whats new!

Like myself when I first used parametric modeling in the later 90's I was blown away by being able to change my models and it magically updated my drawings. I also loved the fact that drawing creation was a breeze. But over the last few years the tool set has really expanded to add tremendous power right at the fingertips of the designer that really focus on Function more than Form and Fit. So with this post I wanted to START a short list of commands that myself and the INCAT CAD Geek team will highlight in the coming weeks that I feel can empower you to start you own personal "Digital Prototyping Task List" so you can ensure you really taking advantage of your tool set.

Feel free to add more to the list using comments.

Kevin with the INCAT CAD Geeks

  1. Drive Constraints
  2. Contact sets and solver
  3. Auto Limits
  4. Layout sketches
  5. Design Accelerators (Tons in this bucket)
  6. Dyanmic Simulation
  7. Bolted Connections
  8. FEA
  9. More to come......