iAuthor.... I Am

Using the iAuthor command may save you a lot of time when creating configurations. You don't need to mess around with the editing tables or .xls spreadsheets unless you want to go crosseyed. You can use the toolbar to toggle between editing a single member at a time or the entire factory scope. Inventor then "captures" the edits you make and will add the neccessary parameters or changes you make to the table. That way you can make the edits in an environment that you are most familiar with....the modeling space.


It works the same for iAssemblies as it does for iParts making configurations fast and easy.

John with the INCAT CAD Geeks

1 :


I noticed you canceled the edit. You were just showing me the D3?

This is my first exposure to iParts but I see what you did... impressive. There's a parent/child (Factory/member) thang goin' on there? Can't wait to try it!