Open or Closed?, That is the question......

Every time we design some piece of equipment that has motion to it, we need to show it in multiple positions. Is it OPEN? is it CLOSED? help me understand what this thing is doing?

These are all questions I am sure we have all heard from someone trying to assemble a design or someone from outside of the engineering department, who might not have the print reading savy of you.

Well let us all breath a bit easier now that we can create Positional Representations in Inventor.

We can use those to create overlay views right on a drawing view. This will help realy that difficult information a lot easier.

Check out my VIDEO here:

Jim.....Another INCAT CAD Geek!

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Oh, my-my... that is sweet!

Hope the boss is wearing clean socks 'cause I'm gonna knock them off.

Thanks Jim. Like my old grandad used to say, "Just real good"!