Inventor 2009 Sketching Improvements - A new view of freedom

Inventor 2009 has improved in the area of sketch constraints. Here are three that caught my eye:

1) Tangent constraints are automatically inferred when using the arc command. It is no longer required to add an additional tangent constraint after sketching a slot.

2) The display of the coincident sketch constraints has been removed and replaced with a dot at the coincident location instead. This dramatically cleans up the display of sketch constraints, and allows us a simpler view of only relevant constraints.

3) A new degree of freedom display is now available in sketches. It has always been possible to determine which geometry was underconstrained by the color of the geometry, but this was sometimes hard to see if using certain background colors. It is now much easier to determine where additional dimensions and constraints are required without "stretching" the geometry.

Take a look at the new techniques in this short video:
Watch Video Here

Contributed by Ben of the INCAT CAD Geeks