Take off those PDF Goggles - Dwf_it....Please

As I visit customers, I see a lot of them take digital pictures of things that they are incorporating their designs into. Back in the day, we took field measurements and maybe took some old school pictures because we didn't have digital. In the digital age we are able to capture those images and quickly analyze them to see a potential impact on the job we quoted.

Autodesk Design Review will let you read in those digital images and make markups to share with the design team before the design takes place. In the video, notice how easy it is to read in a JPEG and alter it to share with the rest of the design team.

Since I didn't have any mechanical engineering images available (I just got a new laptop), I used my lovely daughter Kate (she'll be 3 in July) as my markup suspect.

Take a look at how DWF technology can be incorporated into your company and link all of your engineers in this rapidly moving digital world.

John with the INCAT CAD Geeks