Added Functionality - Drawing Tools

Digging a little deeper into those folders I traditionally over look that come with your Inventor media. I was surprised with a ton of great functionality. The latest one I have been playing with are those listed under drawing tools. C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2009\SDK\UserTools\DrawingTools. Here I found 3 handy items: Chain Dimension which can relieve you of some tedious work, Alpha Sort for automatically putting your drawings into alphabetical order and revision cloud a lot of people like the idea of using the revision clouds with Design Review I can add revision clouds right from Inventor I just don’t have the selection like I do with Design Review. With this it will create a sketch under the view that I will be applying it to. I thought it would be really cool if I could use crop view with it but unfortunately you can’t.

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Submitted by Dave of the INCAT CAD Geeks


John Davis

Saaweeeet!!! G'mornin' ta U 2... keep up the good work. Your tips and tricks are GREATLY appreciated! My workplace doesn't allow streaming video and I'd really like to share your videe's with all my co-workers but IT is too scared to allow my dept. (which is responsible for CAD training) access to your site. Any suggestions?
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you could see if they would allow you to have a html page that embeds some code i have for the videos, as it wouldnt be from the blog, email me your contact info and I will call you.

then you could read the text posting via RSS, and watch the video here