Side by Side Compare with Autodesk Showcase Pro. 2009

So............I have been working the AutoCAD/Inventor ranks for the last 10 years or so. Every couple years new technology shows up on the scene that really recaptures my free time. Most recently the technology has been Autodesk Showcase. This cool product came to the Autodesk MSD family when the bought up Alias. So be sure and check out the product link above to learn more after you see this cool command called side by side.

BTW - Showcase Imports Inventor Data, and almost any other 3d format!

The Side by Side command, as the name indicates, lets you take two showcase scenes and compare all the different elements of each. Before I joined the reseller world I was required to create design concepts and share them with the sales team and or customers. Not that this was a bad thing, but I always had to pre-plan every possible viewpoint or dataset the would want to look at. Within Autodesk Showcase I can now have real time rendering and show off my concepts using the Side by Side.

Check out the video here: