Inventor Save Image Options

One of the least used iProperties tab would have to be the Save options. Inventor allows you to change the way it saves the bitmap upon saving a document. From the help menu, there are five options:

Save Preview Picture
Saves a thumbnail image of the model so that it appears on the File Open dialog box. The default is On; clear the check box to turn Off. To select any remaining options, this option must be selected.

Active Component Iso View on Save
Zooms out and captures an isometric view of the component before saving it.

Active Window on Save
Sets thumbnail image to the view in the graphics window when the file is saved.

Active Window
Click Capture button to set thumbnail image to the view in the active graphics window.

Import From File
Imports thumbnail BMP image from a file. Click Import button to browse to the file containing the image. Image must be 180 x 180 pixels.

Let's take a look at the options in this short video....