Cut Wires not Trim Lines AutoCAD Electrical

Whenever a user needs to trim out a wire remember about the Trim Wire command, or as I refer to it as the Wire Cutters. The icon looks like wire cutters and is located on the ACE:Main Electrical toolbar. Basically this command when activated allows the user to select the "Wire" to be cut, and then it will "look" in both directions for connection dots or the end of the wire. Once this is found it will remove the connection dots and cut the wire.

Cut Wire Benefits:
- Less Clicks than AutoCAD Trim
- Automatically Removes Connection Dots

A common question is "With the AutoCAD Trim command I can trim multiple lines at once. Can I do that with the Trim Wire command?" The answer is yes; look at your command prompt for options.

Trim Wire command options:
- Fence = Draw a "Fence" to trim multiple wires.
- Crossing = Draw a crossing window to trim multiple wires.
- Zext = Zoom Extents while staying in the command.

Let's take a look

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks