Purge Blocks Project Wide with Electrical

As with any drawings in AutoCAD you end up with many unused block definitions in your drawings, AutoCAD Electrical isn't much different in that aspect, the only main difference is that you could have many drawings you are working with. I have one customer that has about 200 sheets on average in their projects, that is quite a few drawings to go through and purge the blocks out before shipping or archiving the job. In AutoCAD Electrical a user can purge blocks project wide along with many other project wide utilities.

Project-Wide Utilities
Make sure that the active is saved or a drawing from the project. From the Projects pull down menu select Project Wide Utilities.

Click Ok
Select Project from the next dialog box.
Click Ok
Select the drawings to process.
Click Ok

As you can see from the Project-Wide Utilities dialog box there are many tasks that can be done project wide.

Let's take a look


Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks