Latest Autocad Electrical Hotfix - Project Database

Today's post is really just a reminder that it pays to always check to see if there are any new hotfixes or service packs you may be unaware of. While thinking about items to talk about I took a look for the last time a service pack was released for AutoCAD Electrical 2009 (SP2 released on Oct. 27 2008). To my surprise there is a new hotfix that was release on January 19 2009 that should fix a problem one of my current customers was having a couple of weeks ago. No matter what Autodesk software you run today it never hurts to see whats new. The latest Electrical service pack fixes an issue with the project file database having random crashes. If you have experience this you know exactly how frustrating it can be.

Follow this link for the latest hotfix and remember you need to be on service pack 2 also with administrative privileges

Thanks to the Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical Team

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