No Wire Numbering Option for Wire Layers

For many of us their always seems to come a time to where we do not want to show wire numbers but still need to report wire information. Wire layers now have a “no wire numbering” option in AutoCAD Electrical 2010. These wires behave normally for inserting, breaking, and scooting components, and show up in the Wire From/To report.

The Insert Wire Numbers command follows these rules:

  • If all wires in the network are on layers set “No” for Wire Numbering, no new wire number is inserted.

  • If any wire in the network is on a layer set “Yes” for Wire Numbering, the existing non-fixed wire number is updated or a new wire number is inserted.

  • If a wire network already has a non-fixed wire number, it is updated regardless of the Wire Numbering setting. Use the Delete Wire Numbers command to remove the wire number.

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Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks