Defining and Editing Wire Connection Sequences

You can predefine a wire network's connection sequence. This sequence is taken into account by the AutoCAD Electrical wire and cable from/to reporting and wire connection annotation that is merged from the schematics to panel layout footprint symbols. When creating the wiring information for your panel, you may want to define the wire connection
sequence more precisely to make the panel wiring more organized and more efficient.

You can specify the wire connection sequence in two ways: by hard-wiring the schematic drawing or by defining the wire connection sequence. Today we will take a look at defining the wire connection sequence.

The Define Wire Sequence command embeds the wire connection sequence that you define on the wire network with xdata, so you can use standard ladder style design tools and wire junctions. Utilities are provided to display the wire connection sequence on the screen with temporary graphics.

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks