Enhanced Property Viewing in Vault 2010

One of the new features in the latest Vault 2010 that I am really digging is the addition of the "Properties" tab when viewing the details of a particular file. This new tab makes if much easier to quickly scan all of the meta-data associated with a file, and helps to determine if a general search returned the expected result based on the property data with the file. This will allow us to use much more general searches to locate a group of files rather than using the advanced Find tool to try and narrow the search to a single result.

As an example, check out the search used in these images:

As you can see, the search results show partial property matches in multiple properties to locate the two files returned by the search. This more flexible search is now possible with a new technique using a concept called "search tokens" to be covered in a future data management blog post. Stay tuned.

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks