Vault Shortcuts in Inventor's Open window

When using Vault with Inventor, most people know they can open files directly from within the Vault, but one of the easiest ways to navigate to the data you need in Vault is to save a shortcut. Shortcuts can be created from the full Vault client, and then are directly accessible from the Open dialog box in Inventor. This is a great way to quickly locate files, jobs, or reference folders you are actively utilizing most often.

First create a shortcut in the full Vault client by using a right click or drag and drop on a file or folder you want a shortcut for:

This will then take you directly to that file or folder in Vault:

In the Inventor Open from Vault dialog box, the shortcuts are listed on the left:

After being selected from the shortcut, the file can be immediately opened without further searching:
Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks