load or not to load....

So have you ever felt like some of the tools or utilities that you fire up in inventor take too long .... if so you might be in luck. Some of these tools are considered "Add-ins". These bundles of code help you do cool things like translations and or run Inventor Studio. However in some cases you don't need this widgets loaded, so review this menu and pick and choose which ones you always need and then pick the ones you don't need to "load on start up"

Kevin with the CAD Geeks

Some notes about the dialog box and your options from the DSS.

Available Add-Ins and Load Behavior

Lists the installed add-ins with their load behavior. Double-click the name in the list to switch between Loaded and Unloaded or between Startup/Loaded and Startup/Unloaded.

Add-ins that are not loaded at startup are listed without a load behavior.

NoteComputer performance may increase by canceling the Load at Startup option for each of the add-ins. Computer performance may also increase by unloading each of the add-ins.


Describes the add-in selected in the list.

Load Behavior


Switches the selected add-in between Loaded and Unloaded. The load behavior list is updated to reflect the selected load behavior for the add-in.

NoteAutodesk Inventor Professional Add-ins cannot be unloaded in-session. They can only be loaded/unloaded on Startup.

Loaded/Unloaded on Startup

Switches on the selected add-in between loading the add-in Startup and loading the add-in manually using the Add-In Manager.