iLogic Part 1 - It's Installed, Where is it?

After working with iLogic for a while now and answering a number of questions I thought it would be good to do some posts here to give people a little more exposure. iLogic is a great tool and offers all those interested in doing some design automation an effective method to do so. I have decided to do a number of posts over the coming Fridays to go over some of the basic principles and actions to create an effective iLogic model. This first post we are just going to dive into the interface. It seems like so many people were very excited about installing the tool, but then struggled a little finding out what the add in actually added in. So here we are going to take a simple look at iLogic and its different pieces.

Find out what the Add in adds in Here!

Added By Rodney, another one of those CAD Geeks.