What hardware will run Alias effectively?

I get asked all the time what hardware I recommend for running Alias. Personally I have had a lot of luck with the Dell Precision line of workstations. I have also used HP and Dell workstations at the various companies I've worked for with decent results.

What I have observed over the years is that Graphics Cards play a BIG part in how Alias runs on a machine. Don't cheap out on your graphics!!! Spend the money and get a good workstation class card. The key word being "workstation". Workstation class graphics cards are designed specifically for CAD applications. While a high end gaming card may work sometimes, they are not supported.

Below is a link to the Autodesk Hardware Qualification Chart for computers and graphics cards. This chart lists all the currently tested configurations. Use this as a guide when you are getting ready to upgrade or buy a new system.

Hardware Qualification Chart

Created by Aaron... Your Alias CAD Geek!