30 Minutes - 5 Reasons Why Navisworks

It’s no secret – the challenges of designing and constructing factories and manufacturing plants in this day & age are tremendous. Because of the scale of these projects, it is necessary to use digital prototypes to visualize and optimize factory models well before construction begins. However, there are still significant issues to overcome, including:

•Difficulty in aggregating data from multiple CAD systems
•There are no easy ways to visualize large factory models
•There is a need to simulate the real-life experience and appearance of manufacturing plants and factory layouts using 3D digital review
•The need to check for factory model interferences before construction, and…
•The desire to give all stakeholders access to the complete factory model in a robust but lightweight format to promote collaboration

Let me show you how Navisworks software for manufacturing helps you overcome these challenges and gives you the confidence you need to be sure you factory and manufacturing plant projects are completed on time and within budget.
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Created by one of the Cad Geeks