What Can DWF do for you?

One of the central aspects of visualization with the Vault products is the usage of the DWF viewing format. You may not be aware of many of the capabilities available with DWF so I will just list some of them here:

  • DWF / DWFx published by Autodesk CAD software

  • 2D Viewing

  • 3D Viewing

  • Exploded Views and Assembly instructions

  • Sectioned 3D viewing

  • Measure / Markup / Print

  • Overlay markup data in CAD applications

  • Control amount of detail in a DWF

  • Disable "Measure” and “Print”

  • Locked down settings useful for customer and vendor interaction

  • Integrated email transmittal

  • Free Autodesk Design Review (comprehensive viewing software)

  • Free "Print" to DWF (for formats other than CAD)

  • Merge multiple documents into one DWF file (CAD, Specification and spreadsheet for example)

If you haven't seen how this viewing technology works in action, you can find an interactive overview of the free Design Review HERE.

Also... for those who missed it, I recently presented a Data Management User group and covered the topics of Vault Security and DWF if you would like a more in depth look with demonstrations included. The DWF content is in the second half of the presentation that you can access HERE.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks