3 for 1......Three quick tips in one

Keyboard shortcuts, Sketch Pattern Settings and Repeat Workplanes.........

Today I just wanted to quickly highlight a few tips that I felt were easy to apply soon after you see the video.

Keyboard Shortcuts - I started on AutoCAD and love typing commands!

Sketch Pattern Settings - When using the Sketch Pattern command I like having a bit more flexibility in case i was creating something like offset work planes that i want to control from a sketch.

Repeat - When i create work planes sometimes I need more than one at a time, so just Right Click and toggle on repeat.

Enjoy, Kevin with the INCAT CAD GEEKS

1 :


Daddy likee!!! Can you explain if/why you created "overlapping" work planes along the "XY" axis?

Please confirm that, while in the work axis command (repeated), it is possible to select the vertical line then the end of said line for a perpendicular work plane.

Thanks for the tips, I'm a brand new user (haven't even fired it up yet) who has Part Builder ***spits on floor*** experience.