Swapping Blocks with AutoCAD Electrical

Many of us working with AutoCAD Electrical go through design changes or even work with existing designs that do not use AutoCAD Electrical blocks. The swap/update block command makes making changes to existing blocks easy and hassle free. You can use this tool for updating blocks on a pick by pick basis, drawing wide or even project wide. You can even use this command for swapping out standard AutoCAD blocks for AutoCAD Electrical blocks.

Guidelines for the Swap/Update Block Tool

1. Catalog assignment values are lost when the swapping process changes the component family type.
2. If a drawing already contains the block definition for a symbol, any additional copies of this same block name will match the existing block definition.
3. Wire connections are maintained if the new symbol is slightly wider or narrower than the original, although the wire reconnection may not occur if the symbols are too different in size.

Lets take a look

Created by Dave one of the Cad Geeks