A Lot of New Topics....

Well, I just got done downloading and installing all of the new Autodesk Manufacturing products. It was quite time consuming and a lot of data moving, but I am excited as always to explore all of the new products as well the enhanced new ones. I usually cover all of the Inventor enhancements, but I may slip a few other products here and there. The biggest reason for that, is the total Digital Prototyping Solution and the tight integration and interoperability of all of the manufacturing products. Here is a highlight of some of the full circle products:

ALIAS - For conceptual design
AutoCAD Inventor - Mechanical Design (Simulate, analyze, optimize)
AutoCAD Electrical - Schematic design
Showcase - Real time rendering (Concept design review)
Navisworks - Factory simulation/automation
Vault - Data Collaboration

As you can see, Autodesk has a product from concept to the manufacturing floor....and the great thing is....you can share the data between all team members in your organization without the need for multiple platforms or vendors. The solution is attainable, scalable and cost effective. I have a lot of tools to choose from when I walk into a customer, and it's exciting that Autodesk has given us the right tools for the job at hand. I'd hate it if I just had a hammer.... and a nail..... and a board.....nevermind. In upcoming posts, I will show the seamless integration of the Autodesk 2010 Manufacturing solutions and how they can help your business be more successful.

CAD Geek John