Vault Working Folder (Workspace) management

If you are anything like me, when trying to set up a bunch of workstations in identical configurations, you are bound to wind up with different settings on accident. This is commonly the case when setting up Vault as well. One of the settings that should be common between all the client workstations is the Working Folder or what we commonly call the "Workspace". By default, the working folder can be defined independently on each workstation, and each user could change their working folder location to be any location they desire. Obviously this can lead to problems when trying to manage an environment with more than a couple users. The solution is to define a rigid working folder location in the Administration settings.
By switching to the "Enforce consistent working folder for all clients" option and defining an explicit path for all clients to use, a lot of confusion can potentially be avoided in the future.

Contributed by Ben of the CAD Geeks