How do you manage file names in Inventor or AutoCAD?

I seem to constantly get into discussions with companies about how they should manage their file names and part numbers, but there is usually never a clear cut best practice. Usually different approaches are needed for multiple document types, and this usually leads to confusion in most environments. Once a naming convention is decided, the File Naming tools in Vault Workgroup or Collaboration 2010 can be used to ensure each new CAD document has a unique file name.

This tool can be configured in the Administrative Options area:

When in the Numbering Schemes dialog, multiple schemes can be created and saved for different purposes. If you would like one of the schemes to automatically be assumed for your CAD files, just set it as the default.

A Numbering scheme can consist of several different elements including auto-generated sequences, fixed text, drop-down lists, free text and delimiters.

When saving files in the CAD software, a default naming scheme will automatically suggest the file name.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks