Streamline your CAD / Vault Workflow

If you mostly use Vault to regularly check-out and check-in CAD data this tip is for you!

Find yourself constantly picking the same option when checking files out?
Always check-in your files before closing them?

Make sure you are taking advantage of the "Prompt Configuration" area of the Vault options in your CAD system (either AutoCAD or Inventor). These can set your default prompt preferences as well as to always use that preference without even displaying the dialog box if you like. This allows you to tailor your CAD / Vault experience to your particular needs.

The Prompts can be accessed from the Vault ribbon bar as shown below:

One of my favorites is to set the "On File Close" prompt to use "Yes" and "Never Prompt". This will automatically check-in any files you have checked-out to make changes when you close the file in the CAD system.

Contributed by Ben of the Tata Technologies CAD Geeks